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The legendary Pro Staff series has been leveled-up to elevate precision, feel and overall impact with this edition being suitable for advanced players with long and fast swings needing a racquet with lots of control.

The headsize at 97 square inches, on the smaller side of modern racquets, gives a tighter sweet spot for exceptional precision for those who can hit it consistently. The open string pattern provides a little extra forgiveness in the sweetspot while making spin a little easier to access. It's heavier than average weight at 11.1 ounces (unstrung) will provide exceptional stability and power generation on big swings. Its head-light balance increases your ability to move the frame quickly, an important factor in generating power on a control-oriented racquet as well as conducive to fast movements at the net for game-changing volleys. The beam thickness and overall flex of this racquet brings a comfortable, arm-friendly feel while also allowing more "dwell-time" of the ball on the strings for increased control and spin potential.

Wilson has improved the impact of the Pro Staff series for the 14th generation with a number updates; including tech, design and sustainable materials. New Paradigm Bending carbon-fiber construction optimizes the flex between the hoop and the shaft, creating even more feel and precision – the hallmarks of this beloved franchise. Braided 45 construction in key areas increases dwell time and enhances feel, making accuracy easier from all corners of the court. Created to be progressive yet somehow feel like home, the hues of v14 shift from maroon-to-gold, a nod to the franchise’s original accents. The bumpers, grommets and end-cap are made of biodegradable Agiplast by Arkema, helping reduce waste while maintaining high performance.

Those seeking a racquet that enables players who demand the most of their game should look at the iconic Pro Staff series. Returning players will enjoy the improved feel and refreshed design.

Wilson Pro Staff 97 V14 315g

    • Head Size: 97 sq. inches / 626 sq. cm
    • Length: 27 inches / 68.6 cm
    • Weight: 11.1 oz / 315 g unstrung
    • Balance: 10 pts head light / 310mm unstrung
    • Swing Weight: 332
    • Beam width: 21.5mm / 21.5mm / 21.5mm
    • Flex: 66
    • Tension Range: 50-60 lbs / 23-27 kg
    • String Pattern: 16/19
    • Year Introduced: 2023
    • Style #: WR125711
      carbon-fiber construction elevates feel and precision.
      bio-based material by Arkema used on bumpers, grommets and endcaps.
    • BRAID 45:
      construction blends power, control and feel.
      shifts racquet from maroon-to-gold as you swing.