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JETSPEED S 12 II is in continuation to the series’ classic concept of speed, the rackquet has been innovated from the inside out to make each swing fast as lightning and help win each battle in a flash!


JS-12 II is designed with a lightweight 6.6mm shaft, which is 8% lighter than the previous 6.8mm shaft and also reduces the wind resistance by 2.9%. The strength of the frame is also improved by 17.5% with the help from NANOFORTIFY TR+ material.


The material property of PYROFIL greatly enhances the overall elasticity. What’s more, the FREECORE synthetic handle technology is integrated into the high-end Speed series racket for the very first time, making the hitting more stable and comfortable.


Seven Six 76 The single-pass grommet hole construction creates less friction between strings, this effectively reduces tension loss, while extending string life.


Aero-Sword Innovative technology combining the two popular frame structure SWORD and AERO-SWORD can efficiently reduce air resistance and allowing a faster and greater hitback.

Pyrofil Pyrofil carbon fiber and its composites are advanced high-performance materials from Japan. The characteristics of high intensity bonds ultra-light offers racket excellent shock-absorption and enhances control.

Victor Jet Speed 12 II Unstrung Badminton Racquet

    LENGTH 675 mm
    FRAME MATERIAL High Resilience Modulus Graphite +TR+ Nano Fortify TR+
    SHAFT MATERIAL High Resilience Modulus Graphite + PYROFIL + 6.6 SHAFT