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The Tour 100 (290g) with ATS is a racquet offering a great blend of control and power suitable for intermediate to advanced players with long and fast swings that is a little easier to manoeuvre than the heavier versions.

The headsize at 100 square inches is relatively average, resulting in a balance of power and control, thereby providing easier power than the 95 and 98 versions while still maintaining good control with a little more forgiving feel. The string pattern is open and compliments the racquet by enhancing its forgiving feel with easier access to spin and power. The weight at 10.2 ounces unstrung is an average weight which makes it more manageable and easier to manoeuvre while still providing good stability. The racquet is quite flexible which should provide comfort for players who are sensitive to shock and vibration. The racquet's balance is head-light which allows faster movement for greater spin and power potential while also enhancing net-play.

For this series, Prince has continued with TeXtreme, an advanced, super thin carbon fiber fabric that maximizes the strength-to-weight ratio for maximized stability. Prince has added its Anti-Torque System which adds TeXtreme with Twaron into the hoop of the racquet for a more consistent string bed which improves on power and ball feel.

The Tour 100 (290g) has a more modern set-up which should allow a wider range of players the ability to achieve a powerful, impactful game while being easier to handle over the duration of a match than the heavier editions.


  • TeXtreme: TeXtreme Spread Tow woven laminates are developed with a thinner structure and straighter carbon fibers to create a composite material that is 20% lighter in weight with improved stiffness. Positioning TeXtreme in the shaft and lower hoops with a 45 degree orientation reduces frames twisting by up to 25%
  • Twaron: Added to the Textreme-carbon weave, Twaron filaments give extra vibration dampening for excellent comfort characteristics
  • ATS: The Anti-Torque System adds TeXtreme & Twaron at 2/10 o'clock of the hoop to reduce upper torsion, resulting in increased power and ball pocketing


  • Head Size: 100 sq inches / 645 sq. cm
  • Length: 27 inches / 68.6 cm
  • Weight: 10.2 oz / 290 g unstrung
  • Balance: 6 pts head light / 325mm unstrung
  • Swingweight: 318 strung / 285 unstrung
  • Beam width: 22mm / 23mm / 20mm
  • Flex: 62 RA
  • Tension Range: 48-58 lbs / 22-26 kg
  • String Pattern: 16x18

Prince ATS TeXtreme Tour 100 (290g) Tennis Racquet Unstrung

C$259.00 Regular Price
C$179.99Sale Price