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The GB3K is the strongest, most powerful racquet yet produced by Gearbox. Technology meets art with the GB3K. The GB3K name originates from the 3K Woven Carbon Fiber found at the head of the racquet. The use of this special carbon fiber material reduces unwanted vibration in the hand, giving the GB3K collection an Ultra Smooth, Solid Feel. The 3K Woven Carbon Fiber also enhances the frame’s strength and overall durability.


The GB3K also features a redesigned throat lay-up, providing an ideal balance of stiffness and flex in a racquet and giving you the most Powerful Gearbox racquet to date. The GB3K’s sophisticated design encompasses all the technologies and materials that make past Gearbox racquets unrivaled but with so much more. The cosmetic design is sleek, clean and absolutely fantastic!

Envision your best game, turn up the heat and step on the court with complete confidence with the new GB3K.


You won’t be stopped with the all new GB3K collection.

Gearbox GB3K 170 Quadraform Racquetball Racquet (Yellow)

    • Patented Solid Frame Technology US PATENT # 7,867,428 B2
    • NEW Most Powerful Gearbox racquet yet
    • NEW 3K Woven Carbon Fiber Material
    • NEW Redesigned Throat Lay-up
    • NEW Improved Solid Feel
    • NEW Improved Durability
    • Enhanced Frame Response
    • Extended C3 Power Groove Technology
    • Maximized String Deflection
    • Perfect ratio of Power, Control and Maneuverability
    • Maximized Sweet Spot
    • Vibration Control
    • Displacement Channels
    • Power String Bed
    • Material: 3K Woven Carbon Fiber, M40 Graphite High Modulus, T-700 Graphite Mid-Modulus
    • Weight (strung): 187g
    • Weight (unstrung):170g
    • Balance: 13mm Head Heavy
    • Grip Size: 3-⅝”
    • String: 18 Gauge Black Monofilament