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The AXFORCE Kids badminton racket series boasts top-of-the-line Li-Ning technology. The rackets have a higher balance point making them head-heavy, and are combined with a slim 6.6mm flexible shaft The AXEFORCE badminton racket series is further enhanced by applying numerous technologies, including Tec Tonic System, Wing Stabilizer, Stabilized Torsion Angle, UHB Shaft, TB Nano, Hot Melt, Cubic Locking and DF Shock Absorption System.

The Li-Ning AXFORCE badminton racket has an ultra-fast response time due to innovative FRTP engineering. This results in the racket reverting to its original shape by enhancing the shaft's flex point. It is also filled with high-tech materials that facilitate a significant shock reduction, creating a smooth and even attack on your opponent. A specially engineered head-heavy design helps to transfer the racket weight into your shots, making them much more lethal! 

Li-Ning Axforce Kids Badminton Racquet

C$69.99 Regular Price
C$54.99Sale Price
    • COLOR: White/Black
    • MATERIAL: Military Grade Carbon Fiber
    • WEIGHT: 70gr
    • GRIP SIZE: G6, Extra Small 3 1/8"/79.4mm
    • OVERALL LENGTH: 550mm
    • GRIP LENGTH: 145mm
    • BALANCE POINT: 270mm
    • FLEX: Medium Flex
    • TENSION: Vertical < 25 lbs, Horizontal < 25 lbs