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Looking for a premium multifilament string that allows you to access optimum power without compromising on comfort? The Head Reflex String might be just what you're looking for...

Constructed from a 100% nylon material combined with a PU resin to give users that bit of extra comfort that makes all the difference when you're cracking powerful shots.

This string is 18 gauge which means it's on the thinner side, this is what gives the Head Reflex Squash String its exceptional power and comfort. Plus, we have options for either a stealthy, smart, black colourway or a bright, vibrant yellow colourway to keep your racquet looking good!

Head Reflex 18G Squash String Set

If you are a tour or high-level tournament player and power is your game, don't look further than the REFLEX SQUASH, HEAD's most comfortable and most premium multifilament string. Thanks to its special 100% nylon multifilament construction and the unique PU resin the string provides extra comfort and is extremely easy on your arm. With its unique material and construction, REFLEX gives you the additional explosiveness you need and brings together all of the benefits of a high-premium multifilament string.

Head Reflex 18G Squash String Set