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Searching for an evenly balanced, all-round racquet featuring the latest and greatest in racquet technology? Take a peek at the Sonic Core Evolution 130 by Dunlop!

If you wield a slightly larger, slower swing, then this racquet's 130-gram weight and central balance point will assist. Boasting Dunlop's Sonic Core Technology, this racquet is manufactured with stability and comfort in mind. Infinergy technology is also incorporated into the frame to reduce vibration levels by up to 37% in comparison to other carbon fibre racquets.

The Evolution 130 sports a hybrid frame shape, although it has a teardrop shape, it still has a bridge for added sturdiness. Looks-wise, the racquet sports a slick black and grey colour scheme, but also features small injections of lime green around the frame to give it some character. Finally, since it's made by Dunlop, you know this is a racquet you can trust. 


Dunlop Sonic Core Evolution 130 Squash Racquet

SKU: 045566201188
  • The Sonic Core series has been developed to offer excellent racket head... so you can hit a shot of pure, focused power, whilst maintaining ultimate control.

    Head Size: 490 cm2
    Weight: 130 grams 
    Balance: Even 
    String Pattern: 14 x 18

    Racquet comes strung and without a cover