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This racquet offers a tad more mass and stability than the 300g version, but it still moves through contact with explosive speed.  Featuring a unique 14x21 string pattern, the Vortex 310g offers a very predictable trajectory on full swings, with impressive feel and pocketing.


Technologies include an Anti-Torsion System which places Textreme and Twaron in the upper hoop and shaft. The payoff is a more solid and responsive feel higher in the stringbed where many advanced players make contact. This racquet also comes with an inverted yolk, which extends the length of the main strings for easier power and greater comfort. 


From the baseline, the Vortex 310g feels comfortable, fast and accurate (think point and shoot). It also plays with impressive stability for a sub-12 ounce racquet, which comes in handy against a heavy hitting opponent.  Like the 300 gram version, spin comes easy, and there is enough power on full swings to keep your opponent in check.  At net, the Vortex 310g comes around fast to deliver a solid feel against pace. Recommended to intermediate and advanced players who want a speedy modern player's racquet that doesn't skimp on comfort.

Prince Vortex 100 Tennis Racquet (310g) Unstrung

C$279.99 Regular Price
C$249.99Sale Price