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The Black Knight Hex Maverick is the squash racquet of choice for Daryl Selby for a reason... it's absolutely perfect for players seeking control!

This racquet has a medium weight of 130 grams unstrung, although some would say this is actually in the heavier side, and it has a head-light balance point, making it maneuverable and nimble, but you can still apply a bit of power!

The Maverick also features Black Knight's Hex Frame Technology which features a hexagonal cross-section structure making the frame much stronger, Black Knight have done an awesome job with the durability of this racquet. The frame also has a very thin profile, vastly improving the aerodynamics of and handling of the racquet.

Another technology included in this racquet is Thermal Core Technology, during the manufacturing process, the superheated air is applied inside the racquet so the structure is cured from the inside. This has led to even more durability and faster racquet recovery during impact with the ball.

Black Knight Hex Maverick Squash Racquet

C$209.99 Regular Price
C$189.99Sale Price
  • String: Ultranick 18
    Tension: 25-29 lbs
    Rigidity (RF): 90
    Weight: 130g
    Balance: Head Light
    Head Size: 490cm2

    Racquet comes fully strung without a case