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The Babolat Shadow Tour is an awesome performance shot that's perfect for fast-moving players to enhance their explosive movements and changes of direction.

This shoe features a breathable 2-mesh laminated upper that includes a perforated foam to keep your feet fresh, plus, the soft tongue and high collar surround the foot without being too tight to ensure stability and comfort.

The heel of the Babolat Shadow Tour incorporates a bi-density sole that does an incredible job of absorbing shock and allowing the player to rebound back into action. The structure of the shoe is designed to support the foot for any type of stance as the upper material molds to the foot of the player and doesn't move around at all during play.

Like many of Babolat's shoes, the Shadow Tour utilises durable and reliable Michelin rubber that provides a three-dimensional grip surface to allow players to access explosive movements, changes of direction, and controlled sudden stops.

Babolat Shadow Tour White & Light Grey Indoor Court Shoes

Shoes designed for competition lovers, or those who seek performance: responsive for quick changes in direction and protective to avoid the shock of repeated impacts and injuries, it is also appreciated by professional players for its comfort and breathable materials. You will be focused on the main thing – your game.

Babolat Shadow Tour White & Light Grey Men's Indoor Court Shoes